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Please note: Make sure you have the right to the materials you are sending. Contents which are free to share are also welcomed. Should any laws be voilated, you will be held responsible.

Do you want to share with our readers what inspires you fashion- or music-wise?

Download and answer our interview questions and attach them to your post.
Link: Interview questions

Please note following:

After submitting your material, you have one week to change your mind. Within this period, the blog post with the delivered content can be taken down if already published. After this period, it will be used and can only be taken down according to my personal discretion.

By submitting your picture, you are also assigning me the right to make some changes on it if neccessary (e.g. lightening or quality changes)  as well as share it on all of my social media channels. Musik will however not be altered in any shape or form. 

The content of this page has been created with upmost care. However, we cannot guarantee the content' accuracy, completeness or topicality. Senders of materials, to which he or she has no rights to, will be held responsible if any laws are voilated. Thank you. 


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