Saturday, December 10, 2016

My Style: Reasons Women Should Shop In The Men's Section
I bet we all can remember the craze that swept over us during summer revolving around the bomber jacket in the picture eh? After seeing almost every young person in my city sport it, I decided that I needed it in my life. So much for being anti-manstream right? LOL But all jokes aside; although it's a mainsteam piece, I love the casual and masculine vibe it adds to an outfit.
Like everything hot, these jackets were hard to find or came with a price, I wasn't about to pay. But thank God for the men's section! Yeah you heard me right - the men's section!
As you might already know from my previous posts, I like to combine cute or sexy clothes with something a bit scruffy, bulky or even masculine just to bring in a little edgy. For this reason amongst others, I love to go hunting in the men's department.

There are lots of advantages when it comes to shopping men's clothes. Here are a few:

1. Oversized
Men's t-shirts, shirts, pullovers, coats and cardigans are always cut a little bit bigger and longer in comparison to the same sizes in the women's department. This makes it easier to find something oversized in your size that still fits well, without having to go one or two sizes up.
2. Ballsy prints and cuts
Looking for something daring? Men's clothes always seem to have the ballsiest prints and cuts. Pairing these tops and cardigans with simple jeans, jeggings/leggings and skirts bring forth a wonderful clash between femininity and masculinity, that I absolutely love.

3. Inexpensive
After comparing prices for a while, I have come to the realization that male basic pieces seem to be cheaper. Can you believe that I got the bomber jacket at a reduced price less than 20 Euros? Sweet huh? In my opinion, the prices of women's clothes are always jacked up, because it's assumed that we get emotionally attached to clothes and would still give out money for something over our budget, if we really like it. Crazy huh?

It might seem weird at first, but try go hunting in the men's department on your next shopping spree, and I bet you will fall in love with some clothing pieces.

Do you like shopping at the men's department? Let us know what you like to get there.
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