Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Fashion People: Casual, urban and a bit scruffy with a splash of hip hop - Vanessa

...Name: Vanessa
...Occupation: Student & fasion and lifestyle blogger
...Location: Germany

Unique vintage clothing pieces, striking colorful eye makeup, out of the norm jewelry, lipsticks and headpieces - Vannessa's style always stood out and often times caught my attention at university. I was constantly impressed by her courage for color, unique clothes as well as great outfit combinations. Against this backdrop, I asked her if she would be interested in giving us some insights into her style. This doll was not only kind enough to have a small photoshoot session with me, she also took time to give us some great advice down below.

1. How would you describe your style? 
Casual, urban and a bit scruffy with a splash of hip-hop. I prefer sneakers or rough boots. I also combine tight and loose comfortable pieces and have a real weakness for eye-catching prints.
2. Who or what inspires you? 
Music, artists like M.I.A., Rihanna & Parris Goebel and people, who I encounter when traveling. 

3. What are your favorite places to shop? 
 I buy most of my clothes during my trips, so they have a personal meaning to me. Other than that, I like to shop at flea markets and in thrift stores, but also sometimes at Monki, Asos and H&M.

4. How do you put your outfits together and what advice would you give us readers when it comes to style and lifestyle?
I always go with my gut instincts every morning and look for a piece I spontaneously really feel like wearing in my closet - it can be a shirt, shoes, an overall; whatever it is, it doesn't matter.
I then put the rest of my outfit together based on that piece. When it comes to finding your own style: try out different kinds of looks and also dare to work with unique cuts, prints and combinations. I would rather be totally off beam (according to others), than feel like my outfits are boring. What is important is that you feel good about yourself.
Besides that, I also believe that one shouldn't attach great importance to trends and worry too much about whether an outfit is currently in fashion or not. I dress up the way I personally like to, as opposed to imitating fashion editorials in glossy magazines.

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