Friday, September 2, 2016

People: GUTIISM: Beauty meets highly creative and talented - Daniela Guti

...Name: Daniele Guti
...Profession: Artist, Fashion-illustrator and Blogger
...Location: Kyiv, Ukraine 

Intrigued! That was my reaction when I found Daniela Guti. Not only is this woman beautiful, she also showcases great confidence and talent when it comes to putting clothes together. No wonder she is an artist and fashion illustrator - the woman knows her craft!
Every single picture of hers is very artistic but still seems effortless. Her looks always tell their own stories but with a little twist of an edge to it. Another remarkable thing about her is her ability to add just the right amount of colour to an outfit without it being overpowering.
Photographer: Mitya Kovalenko
It was honestly difficult to pick out what I wanted to showcase in this post because all of her outfit ideas are freaking dope. So definitely check out her blog and social media pages.Well now let's dissect some of her looks and find out what makes them so special. Maybe we can learn a thing or two!

The perfect mix of unique and basic pieces, different materials and colour combinations. 
 In my opinion, the unique trousers, vintage bag, scarf as well as the vibrant red colour are the main components that add the perfect edge to her "Parisianisim" look, as she calls it.
This concept can also be seen in this look. The pulled up denim jacket adds an extreme contrast to the cute and elegant skirt, bag and shoes. I feel like the outfit without the jacket would still be good, but pretty "normal."
Apart from that, it has a wonderful retro and sexy vibe to it, which is enhanced by the glasses, turtle neck top and jacket. All the colours in this look are subtle enough not to overpower each other. Why does it give me a "sexy English teacher"-vibe?!
By the way, can we take a minute to admire the pearl detail on the skirt and how it matches colour-wise with the ring and shoes? #Gorg

Would you dare wear this? Here she does it again with these unique tights and their contrasting white, a pop of colour with the reds and the wonderful vintage looking shoes. With the off shoulder jumper, she also creates a contrast to the elegant skirt. Way to go for bringing harmony to this look with 3! different colours.

More Looks:

 Let us know your thoughts and definitely check her out at: (Blog), @daniela_guti (Instagram) and (Lookbook).

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