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People: Confidence in blurring the lines between masculinity and femininity - Karolina Romanova

...Name: Karolina Romanova
...Profession: Comic Artist, Graphic Designer and Blogger
...Location: Lodz, Poland 

Karolina describes herself as "an illustrator/storyboardist from Poland with a profound love for K-Pop, androgyny, dark humour and bad jokes." When I was going through her looks on Lookbook, I was inspired by her mindset to wear two different kinds of looks that couldn't be more contrasting with each other.

"I believe that gender is fluid and translate it onto my outfits"

She sees herself as quirky and seems to be the kind of person you would love to hang around with, doing geeky dorky stuff, laughing your ass off, binge-watching Korean dramas and also having serious conversations about life. As a South Korea fan myself, I was impressed by her style as well as her unique accessories that clearly have Asian influences. This left me wondering where she gets to buy all this stuff from.

Fortunately, Karolina was kind enough to give insights into who she is, what inspires her fashion-wise as well as what the ideas behind her outfits are. For those on the journey of developing their own style on a budget, she also dished out some valuable advice. It's really an interesting read, so without further ado, let's dig right into it! 

1. What are the ideas behind your outfits?
Honestly, it's confusion. I look pretty androgynous and I am quite of a troll when it comes to this - I just enjoy (successfully) confusing people about my gender and you can clearly see this on my blog and Instagram. Truth to be told, I resemble a girl only with a wig, makeup and extremely cute clothes on (and yes, I kinda like it).

2. How would you describe your style?
It could be easily described as the after school aesthetic, which means school uniforms (or anything "nice and proper" really) mixed with edgy elements, such as platform shoes, flashy hats and interesting accessories.

3. Who inspires your fashion style?
Despite being a blogger, I'm not really interested in fashion, so I have more of an overall icon/role model - it's GD, the leader of my favourite Korean band Bigbang. Yes, I am not very much into fashion, so I chose somebody who is basically the epitome of it for my idol. Jokes aside, just look him up, this guy is friends with Mr. Lagerfeld.
4. How do you put your outfits together and what advice would you give readers regarding style and lifestyle (esp. those on a budget)?
I start with a simple base, put on a hat (my absolute staple), and keep on adding flashy accessories until I'm satisfied. That's all!
My advice regarding personal style is: wear whatever you feel fabulous in and don't give a penny about what people say about it. Also, as a person who would rather spend a lot of money on a fancy meal than a single piece of clothing, I can assure you that thrift stores and Ebay are my close friends, so I suggest you to go for it too if your approach to money is similar to mine.

5. Where can one follow you?
I post the full photoshoots (with snarky desciptions and stories) of my outfits on my blog (, but I am most active on my Instagram (@karolinaxromanova) and Facebook ( As I said, I am an illustrator, so apart from my looks you will find lots of my artworks there.

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